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Saint-Gobain states its firm conviction to improve every Peruvian’s quality of life

Saint-Gobain PPC is positioned in Peru, thrusted by its rapid growth to the leadership in the market for construction and finishings, besides taking a step forward toward sustainability in its operations and construction solutions, aligning this purpose through its value chain


Saint-Gobain has presence across 70 countries contributing to the construction sector. The company’s more than 350-year history began as a glass and mirror manufacturer for king Louis XIV, working in widely-known historical projects, such as the Palace of Versailles, in France.

Besides its worldwide expansion, the company has also increased its specialized product portfolio for different tasks in construction and finishes.

Saint-Gobain Productos para la Construcción (Saint-Gobain PPC, “products for construction”) arrived at Peru in 2013 through the launching of Weber mortars, which became a leading brand in 2019 after acquiring Pegamentos y Fraguas de Celima (Celima adhesives and forges). In 2021, Saint-Gobain acquired Soluciones Constructivas Volcán, a company established in Peru since 2011, specialized in manufacturing and marketing of the drywall system. And in late 2021, the company finished its acquisition of Z Aditivos, thus thrusting its way into the chemicals for construction industry.

Saint-Gobain PPC covers all of Peru directly and through strategic partnerships as well.

Nicolás Pesaque, CEO for Saint-Gobain PPC Peru
“We want to become a reference within the construction sector supported by the experience we bring to the market through our innovative products and solutions, with a high service level and a sustainable operation,” commented Nicolás Pesaque, CEO for Saint-Gobain PPC Peru.

Multisectorial career

Nicolás Pesaque Roose leads the operation at Saint-Gobain PPC Peru. He earned a degree in Industrial Engineering at the Peruvian University of Applied Science, in Lima. Afterwards, Pesaque earned an MBA from the Macquarie Graduate School of Management, in Australia.

Pesaque’s career began in ASA Alimentos, a food production company commonly known for the “Negrita” brand. In ASA, Pesaque performed in the operations area. Afterwards, he joined Alicorp, becoming part of the company’s marketing team on an international level.

Pesaque entered the construction industry in 2016 as Business Manager for Soluciones Constructivas Volcán, taking over as General Manager for the company in 2018, and being named CEO for Saint-Gobain PPC Peru during early 2021.

Relevant strength in domestic manufacturing

The company supplies the construction and finishing works industry from five production facilities, strategically located in Arequipa, Lima and Trujillo.

Saint-Gobain PPC Peru’s business units are:

• Weber and Weber-Celima mortars

• Drywall products from the Volcán and Placo brands

• Chemical products for construction from Weber and Z Aditivos

Factors for success

To the more than three-century experience and network support implied in Saint-Gobain’s global operation, other factors are added, contributing to a successful run for Saint-Gobain PPC Peru:

• Excellence in customer service

• The experience shared with customers and users

• The base of knowledge open to serve the market

• Permanent innovation in every product, solution and service platform

• Sustainable operation regarding resources and the development of neighboring communities

Contributing to a better home through Grow & Impact

The Grow & Impact plan, from Saint-Gobain, is a global strategy designed to bring growth to the company through a wide array of solutions and its operation model, boosted by its performance on the marketplace.

This way, Saint-Gobain remains a leader in every market by developing sustainable products, resulting in a wide reduction of the carbon footprint, hence a better use of resources, relying on materials able to contribute to building better homes and buildings, answering to the company’s purpose of “Making the World a Better Home”.

Saint-Gobain PPC Peru is focused in this program, sharing its premises throughout its supply chain, its own products and their life cycle.

“We want to become the global leader in light, sustainable construction, improving everyday life through high-performance solutions,” Pesaque added.

Supply chain: Aligned goals

One of Saint-Gobain PPC advantages is working in Peru with many of the company’s global suppliers, which means goals and principles are aligned toward the same purposes, including in factors beyond the marketplace, as it is with reducing any environmental impact.

“It’s our duty to encourage decarbonizing in production processes. We will be summoning every player in the sector to achieve this, working like an ecosystem is the only way to become successful in the implementation of this goal,” the executive said.

Fulfilling development of the human element

Company culture within Saint-Gobain PPC Peru is highlighted by its diversity and respect between the staff and inclusion. For key factors such as personnel development, three main subjects are considered:

• Strengthening an own management culture, supported on reliance, empowerment and collaboration.

• Obtaining tech skills able to increase agility in taking on innovation and its transference onto the market.

• Technical knowledge of every construction solution offered by the company.

The future: optimizing every front

The future ahead of Saint-Gobain PPC Peru is certainly shining, considering the company has every necessary element to deliver on set goals. As its main focus, the company is after an efficient integration of businesses recently acquired, and afterwards thrust these into a sales volume resulting from a new value proposition and a strong portfolio. The company also foresees upcoming acquisitions with the purpose to increase the number of categories covered by the current portfolio, thus becoming aligned to the plan of increasing Saint-Gobain’s leadership in Latin America.

To achieve all of these goals, new technology is to be deployed, enabled to increase production capacity in an efficient and sustainable manner.

In other matters, from within the company, Comunidad Saint-Gobain (Saint-Gobain community) is being created with the purpose of improving the personnel’s housing conditions, and afterwards extending this collaborative effort to communities surrounding the Saint-Gobain PPC Peru operations.

“We share endeavors and accomplishments along every country in the territory, the most important of which is to make sure every Peruvian has access to proper housing,” concluded Nicolás Pesaque Roose, CEO for Saint-Gobain PPC Peru.

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