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The digital tools and support companies need

AVAYA Colombia has raised as a powerhouse and accelerator for business, as it has gained importance as the market’s leading digital resources facilitator


On a global scale, AVAYA is a synonym for dynamic and fluent communications, for flexible and adaptable environments and excellency in what Information and Communication Technologies regards. The Company – a spin-off from AT&T- follows a path in which, for 21 years, it has kept itself at the forefront by means of technological innovations as well as by easing millions of operations to more than five million users in contact centers, becoming a referent in sectors such as “solutions as a service” and as a facilitator of cloud transitions and digital transformations.

Leadership with a vast market knowledge

Juan Manuel Mesa oversees AVAYA’s Colombian operation. He graduated in Electronic Engineering from the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana (Colombia), owns a Master’s Degree on Business Administration from Thunderbird School of Global Management (Arizona, USA) and some studies on Digital Business Strategies from MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). After a 20-year career, Mesa has experience in charge of digital transformation projects in different sectors, in the creation and launch of business development strategies in different companies from the sector such as Oracle Colombia, where he served as a general manager. Previously, he served as a Public Sector Director and as a hardware Sales Manager for the Andean Region. He also acted as Business Manager for Lenovo’s Enterprise division and, before that, he led IBM’s System X strategy for Latin-America and the Caribbean.

Gaining ground in Colombia by providing solutions

The Company’s work in Colombia has made an important ally in unified communications out of it, besides being a supplier for nine out of ten of the biggest “call centers” in the country, increasing its market share up to 50% according to the “Digitalization and Preparation for the Adoption of Solutions in the Cloud” report, conducted by analysts Frost & Sullivan. These efforts have made Colombia to be the country with AVAYA’s third largest revenue in Latin America. To culminate that successful job, a new AVAYA Innovation Center has been built in Bogotá, a facility up to standards shared by the corporate headquarters in Tokyo, Japan, and New Jersey, USA. A great investment has been made on this center to make innovations and high-level technological experiences available to clients and strategic partners, becoming a hub able to provide solutions in Digital Transformations and Unified Communication to business leaders at every level, from entrepreneurs to senior management in Colombia’s large companies.

Key factors to face every need

AVAYA’s results in the recent “Life And Work Beyond 2020” survey showed that the intention of the workforce in working activities should be more flexible regarding employee’s physical presence in company offices and in their schedules, as well as users’ and consumers’ expectations towards multichannel interaction with brands and companies, in a way in which they can receive an immediate response for their needs.

To become closer to these models, AVAYA has considered three key factors:

• Cloud solutions, where not only is information stored, but also software. • Easing access to technological resources, with support from Artificial Intelligence and subscription models. • Flexible and modular technological architecture, in which clients are enabled to generate custom-made solutions, covering any possible experience for different users.

Juan Manuel Mesa, General Manager for AVAYA Colombia
“Companies require the capacity to create applications from different elements, which would ease creating the ideal communications and collaboration environment to manage and train teams”, said Mesa.

Innovation supporting remote collaboration

Resources available from AVAYA are useful tools which, after some time, become essential for collaborative work. One of these important innovations is AVAYA Spaces, which gathers applications into a hub and makes collaborative work easier for thousands of people. Another recent remarkable launch has been AVAYA OneCloudTm, which aligns itself with services such as contact centers, unified communications and communication platforms. These and other resources are available by the AVAYA OneCloudTm Subscription model for software and devices, which enables companies access these tools by flexible payment methods such as monthly fees, according to their needs and modular growth. “This offer is available in all of Latin America and its aim is to fill in a gap that companies need to be more competitive in a market which is now more aggressive than ever”, the executive explained.

Alliances which increase value

AVAYA keeps close relationships with big brands, which enable the company into creating strategic alliances that result in the possibility of offering innovative products for companies of all sizes as well as easing their path to digitalization. Brands such as AWS, Google Cloud, IBM, Microsoft, Nuance, Telmex and Verint, among others, are a part of the solutions AVAYA offers to its customers and users to make a difference.

“Our partnerships’ growth has enabled us to accelerate the introduction and adoption of new technologies, break the inertia and keep ourselves as a client-centered company”, the general manager stated.

COVID-19: A transformation agent

The COVID-19 pandemic and its consequences have changed many companies -even in positive aspects- as an agent for emerging abilities which perhaps didn’t gather that many attention in the conditions prior to the health contingency. AVAYA Colombia has shown itself as a resilient Company with a winning DNA, able to detect opportunities for new business, as well as thrusting those companies in need of these digital tools to keep working during the emergency. Moreover, AVAYA supported companies from all sectors in Colombia by giving away about 50,000 free licenses to use their products in remote work, apart from offering webinars to help companies face this situation so they could go on working.

“The daily discipline and execution of the ‘Go To Market’ strategy has been consolidated and changes have really strengthened the team”, said Mesa.

Talent detection and boost

AVAYA carries an important and comprehensive task to detect and support youngsters able to create innovative solutions with the help of technology. For that reason, AVAYA has created a cloud-based lab for entrepreneurs, having already trained more than 400 people to use the resources the company offers. This effort has spread to the Antioquía, Atlántico, Boyacá, Cauca and Cundinamarca departments, by working together with colleges such as Universidad de Antioquía, Universidad de Boyacá and Universidad de La Sabana, among others.

Resources facing present and future

The forecast for AVAYA is positive, as the company has a highly qualified team to work and offer a services portfolio that provides support for the requirements the current situation and the future demand for the continuity of its clients’ businesses.

An emphasis on cloud-based applications and storage is foreseen, as well as a push to voice biometry and Artificial Intelligence to improve the customer’s experience.




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