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A unique stay and experiences in Cancun

In a very short time, TAFER Hotels & Resorts has positioned Garza Blanca Resort & Spa Cancun as the travelers’ choice by offering the attributes of high standards by which the chain is distinguished


The TAFER Hotels & Resorts chain takes the “Grand all-inclusive” concept in Mexico to a new level through unique stays in its proprieties in the Mexican Caribbean, Los Cabos and Jalisco. Among its most luxurious resorts we can mention Garza Blanca Resort & Spa in Cancun, in the area of Costa Mujeres, 30 minutes aways from the airport. Besides being its newest and most innovative property, Garza Blanca Cancun is designed to be visited during a family vacation as well as for romantic getaways, besides having adult-only exclusive spaces.

Garza Blanca Cancún started its positioning at the end of 2020 to be opened in December 2021.

It received a boost through different sales and marketing strategies created by the team run by Susana Ramírez Horta, Corporate Director of Sales and Marketing at TAFER Hotels & Resorts. Garza Blanca Hotels in Puerto Vallarta and Cabo San Lucas have managed to be distinguished by its innovative fidelity programs and successful alliances with key business partners in the US and the international market, thus expanding the Garza Blanca brand to a new destination, Cancún Quintana Roo.

Susana Ramírez Horta, Corporate Director of Sales and Marketing at TAFER Hotels & Resorts
“We are ranked as the number one resort in Cancún at Tripadvisor, according to the travelers’ experiences ranking”, pointed out Ramírez Horta.

Vocation to carry out important tasks

For 20 years, Ramírez Horta has worked in the hotel industry in chains such as Hoteles Buenaventura and Grupo Velas.

Since 2012, Ramírez is part of TAFER Hotels & Resorts. She first joined TAFER as Sales Director at Garza Blanca Preserve, Resorts & Spa, in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco. Her career is distinguished by having developed strong management and leadership skills, which has led her to oversee important projects such as the opening of Hotel Mousai -also in Puerto Vallarta- in 2015, ranked as the first and only resort to be awarded the AAA Five Diamonds certification in Puerto Vallarta and in the State of Jalisco. After the great and successful opening, Ramírez Horta also played a leading role in the opening of Garza Blanca Los Cabos and Garza Blanca Cancún.

Since May 2021, Susana Ramírez Horta runs the business area at TAFER Hotels & Resorts in Cabo San Lucas, Cancún and Puerto Vallarta.

Attractions for an unforgettable stay

Garza Blanca has got a capacity of 452 rooms, including different types of suites with a modern design, offering unmatched sea and garden sights and even “swim-up” rooms.

Fun spreads throughout the six heated pools, including an “infinity pool” on the rooftop for adults-only use.

The wellness element is seen in Spa Imagine, a space that offers different massage treatments and therapies, besides a very complete beauty parlor.

Garza Blanca is also the ideal host for important events such as weddings and other celebrations, as it has an events hall with a capacity for 220 people, a great scenario for different celebrations.

“We have kept an eye on every detail to offer the most extraordinary services”, commented the executive.

Plentiful possibilities for demanding appetites and tastes

At Garza Blanca Cancún we can find multiple possibilities to satisfy our appetite: gourmet restaurants, a food truck and a gourmet hall which offers a great variety of international cuisine.

Undoubtedly, the Blanca Blue restaurant stands out, having obtained the Excellency 2021 recognition from the Wine Spectator Magazine. The array of possibilities provides a world-class gourmet cuisine experience, also including a unique atmosphere outdoors with oceanfront options.

One can also cool off with refreshing beverages prepared by our mixologists, as Garza Blanca offers two conceptual bars, each one with a unique atmosphere.

The advantages of being part of TAFER

TAFER Hotels & Resorts specializes in the design of luxurious experiences, displaying attributes such as excellency, quality and creativity, with the aim of affording an extraordinary vacation.

This purpose is undoubtedly witnessed at Garza Blanca Resort & Spa Cancún, as well as in other properties managed by TAFER.

Beyond the pandemic

Having again the possibility of traveling and staying at fantastic destinations after the restrictions generated by the COVID-19 pandemic currently requires taking strict measures to keep guests, hotels collaborators and even the staff from the supplying companies for each property safe.

Garza Blanca Cancún is not an exception and has got health and disinfection protocols in all the hotel areas for the safety of all the people in these spaces.

“Thanks to our strengthened business structure, 2021 has been a year of recovery for all the TAFER hotels and 2022 will follow the same path, with great and successful results”, declared Ramírez.

Widening future experiences

Shot-term future offers good signs for the Garza Blanca Resort & Spa Cancún guests. The TAFER chain focuses on the obtention of the Five Diamonds certification from the AAA (American Automobile Association), and soon will also be part of Preferred Hotels & Resorts.

One of the most important projects is planned for the spring 2022 with the opening of “Tierra Luna Cancún”, a shopping mall under the “shopping village” concept, which, besides prestigious shops and boutiques, will also offer a hall for weddings and events, crafts exhibitions, attractions such as a merry-go-round and other attributes to offer a family plan.

“Garza Blanca Cancún will become a high-level hospitality referent all around Quintana Roo and will also be an icon of the Cancun essence”, concluded Susana Ramírez Horta, Corporate Director of Sales and Marketing at TAFER Hotels & Resorts.


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