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Four decades of end-to-end logistics based in Peru

SAVAR CORPORACIÓN LOGÍSTICA provides comprehensive services and global solutions to businesses of all sizes, after more than 40 years increasing its capacity



SAVAR CORPORACIÓN LOGÍSTICA’s contribution to the development of trade in Peru celebrates 40 years, during which various industries and the export and import sectors have witnessed and benefited from all features that make SAVAR one of the five best customs agencies in Peru.

The company has more than 30,000 pallet racking spaces in more than half a million square meters of storage, over 200 motorcycles for picking up small goods and last mile deliveries, and over 400 trucks driven by more than 1,500 employees.

At present, SAVAR offers comprehensive logistics solutions that benefit the agribusiness, food & beverages, automotive, energy, infrastructure, mining, retail, health and telecommunications sectors, and also for storage and file transfer.

Most important certifications held by the SAVAR include BASC (Business Alliance for Safe Commerce), ISO 9001:2015, and BPA (Good Storage Practices); the company is also an Authorized Economic Operator (local certification), and also holds the Sanitary Qualification for storage by SANIPES (National Fisheries Health Agency), to name a few.

In addition to being a valuable element in the Peruvian commerce structure, SAVAR's assets, as well as the performance of its staff in operational aspects, enabled the company to be selected to participate in events of great organizational magnitude, such as the 18th Pan American Games in Lima 2019. In this event, SAVAR was in charge of the storage and logistical distribution of sports equipment and other materials, and was responsible for managing the inventories of each event venue.


“There was a worldwide tender and it was a huge success with no failures. We made that investment with the support of all financial systems. It is an example that when things are done in a planned and strategic way, they work well”, said David Kuoman, CEO of SAVAR CORPORACIÓN LOGÍSTICA, regarding the continental contest.

Hard work leading to four successful decades

The company’s resources and investments made to offer the most complete end-to-end logistics solutions should be pointed out; likewise, it is essential to address David Kuoman’s story, who can detail SAVAR’s transition from a customs agency to a logistics operator, until becoming a Peruvian benchmark in foreign trade matters.

David is the son of Chinese immigrants dedicated to commerce who owned and ran a store, and later on were engaged in plastic and metal items manufacturing. In addition to working full-time in the family business, Don David Kuoman studied at the School of Economic Sciences of the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos, in Lima. Mr. Kuoman also completed more than 20 courses, particularly in Finance Administration at the Universidad of Piura (which also has a campus in the Peruvian capital), held by the Opus Dei.

“People have to learn that to be successful in life it is necessary to be well prepared and work; this is the only way to move forward" said the executive.

From a customs agency to a complete logistics operation

When the customs agency used by the Kuoman family for various procedures was offered to them for sale, they agreed to the transaction and David Kuoman took place in charge of it. He considered this new business unit as a means to grow inside and outside the country.

“I had studied economic integration. I got to know the business and at the end of the day foreign trade is the one who ‘calls the tune’,” said Mr. Kuoman. End-to-end integration

SAVAR integrates air, land, maritime services and also oversized cargo; it has a complete cold chain with refrigerated transport and cold storage. The company has racks, pallets, and forklifts for sale and rent.

The company’s integration involves 22 highly equipped locations in Peruvian territory. Only in Lima, it has distribution centers in San Borja, Ate, Chorrillos and a dry port in Callao, one of Peru’s strategic maritime locations. Warehouses are adjusted for the customers’ different purposes, be it a simple warehouse or one with special requirements such as customs warehouses, archives, storerooms for food and pharmaceutical products, among others.

It should be mentioned that the work in SAVAR’s dry port saves time for unloading containers, with the 24x7x365 agile modality, making it the most valuable option for its customers. On its behalf, the International Cargo division carries out export and import by air, sea and land.

Advantages translated into better costs

Among the advantages offered by SAVAR, Total Integration enables the customer to transfer full responsibility for the goods to the company, from the departure warehouse up to the destination.

Total control over aspects such as cold chain, last mile transport, storage and customs procedures provides peace of mind to the customer: all these processes are streamlined, since they are addressed by a single supplier that has insurance policies which entitle to compensation in case of accidents and unexpected incidents.

Another significant factor that makes SAVAR a better option is the credit and financing facilities it offers for import and export operations.

“All this helps customers a lot, it has helped us climb positions and now we are among the top three or four in Peru," said the CEO.

Options and tasks to be performed hand-in-hand with technology

SAVAR offers online options capable of supporting all businesses sizes, with solutions such as SAVAR Express, Logística Omnicanal, and SAVAR Shop, pillars of e-commerce with online sales infrastructure, complete facilities such as customization up to last mile delivery in times when competition is not able to catch up. The company brings all kinds of advantages, making use of resources such as warehouse and shipment tracking.

In advanced technology matters, SAVAR has recently invested more than US$5 million and additional investments are expected in this area. The company has recently implemented an online quote resource to calculate logistics services for imports from China.

The team of engineers in charge of the SAVAR’s user software has done a great job by creating and implementing these solutions, which continue to set goals to make easier the clients’ interactions on issues such as product traceability and tracking, for example.

“Each client is different. A customer from the mining sector is different from one who is in agribusiness. We adapt the system to have all the traceability and to provide customized service to each client”, said Kuoman.

Strategic support in the transport task

The most outstanding strategic partners in SAVAR's value chain are the airlines and shipping companies responsible for transporting cargo. Transport companies such as Maersk, COSCO Shipping and terminal operators, such as APM Terminals, play a key role in the performance of SAVAR’s tasks.

Corporate culture: a profile of personnel with values

A company like SAVAR is nurtured by personnel with high ethical standards and exemplary values, both in their professional performance and in their life in society. Based on this, benefits can be provided, such as support for attending university courses and, in the future, covering housing for the staff.

“If people have potential and we can help them, we will be delighted; these should be people encouraged by values and virtues. We all are here to grow”, stated the executive.

Overcoming COVID-19

The transfer of goods and merchandise to short, medium and long distance implies crucial activities to be performed. SAVAR CORPORACIÓN LOGÍSTICA cannot stop its work and, therefore, all its personnel should be safe from the pandemic threat.

The measures adopted take care of and benefit the staff, and therefore, the clients. The company has the support of doctors and social assistance, and has obtained supplies such as masks and hand sanitizer. Certain employees have been working from home for tasks that can be performed remotely, and each facility or office works under strict hygiene standards.

More strength in the mining sector

SAVAR works on multiple plans for the short, medium and long terms. Its focus on mining during 2021 was real, considering that the effort of 450 workers was allocated to this activity, providing and consolidating a better service to this sector.

Advancing in this aspect, the company acquired twelve VOLVO dump trucks, which implied an investment of more than US$ 2 million for ore hauling, in addition to having renewed its certification in the International Cyanide Management Code by the International Cyanide Management Institute (ICMI).

“We are a Latin American country, we are not Europe; they have a per capita income better than ours, here in Peru we have to take this leap. Wealth has to be produced”, concluded David Kuoman, CEO of SAVAR CORPORACIÓN LOGÍSTICA.




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