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Leadership in rentals and commercial strategies

The SK Rental operation in Peru grows in strength along with the rest of the affiliates in the territory, becoming a benchmark in equipment rental and developing strategies for equipment sales



SK Rental is a multinational machinery sale and rental company serving agriculture, construction, energy and mining, among other business sectors. The company was conceived in Chile in 1998 as an affiliate to SK Comercial, part of the important Sigdo Koppers corporation, also from Chile with global presence in machinery rental and sales, among other businesses.

SK Rental S.A.C. Peru opened its first location -and country headquarters- in Lima in 2006. Ever since, the company has expanded to cover Peruvian territory also with locations in Arequipa and Piura.

Besides successful operations in Chile and Peru, SK Rental’s leadership in machinery rental has also expanded to Bolivia and Colombia. Machinery available in Peru from SK Rental adds up to 14% of the company’s machinery fleet in the region.

Rental services offered by SK Rental Peru are an excellent alternative for short, medium and long-term projects, in comparison with CAPEX.

Certified operations

SK Rental is a synonym of reliability to clients receiving excellent service under certified operations.

Main credentials held by the company include the triple certification for ISO 9001:2015 management systems, ISO 14001:2015 quality management, the Environmental Management Systems certification and recently concluded a successful migration to the ISO 45001:2018 standard for Occupational Health and Safety.

Well-stocked, updated fleet

SK Rental’s machinery fleet is comprised of more than 4,500 units, offering variety for construction applications: crane lifts, power generators, material handling equipment, land moving equipment and platforms, among other machinery.

SK Rental offers latest-generation, low-houred equipment from top worldwide known brands, constantly updated, averaging less than 3,000 hour-use and models no older than three years, providing reliability and safety for high production levels, besides being low-emission vehicles with reduced fuel consumption.

Edmund Egg Noche, General Manager for SK Rental Peru

“We are a multi-brand company, which allows us to offer a portfolio of the best models from each brand for the rental market,” commented Edmund Egg Noche, General Manager for SK Rental Peru.

The Operative Renting value proposal

Since 2020, SK Rental is introducing a long-term rental model: Operative Renting is applicable for rentals longer than 24 months, thus creating a convenient option for the agroindustry, energy, logistics and specially the mining sectors with flexible rental agreements according to each client’s needs.

Selling equipment and machinery

Machinery sales from SK Rental are supported through different strategies. The company markets its own used and pre-owned equipment in the domestic and regional markets. Nevertheless, the company also offers the acquisition of specific units according to a client’s needs.

SK Rental also offers clients the possibility of renting their own machinery through the Re-Rent program, and also helps clients into selling domestically or within the region via the Re-Sale program.

Digitization in all fronts

SK Rental Peru is supported by a proprietary ERP system for the In-Rental business unit management, and it also relies on a SAP-R3 system. The company also uses different platforms for on-line video conferencing as well as for E-learning.

These resources are already part of the Digital Transformation and Company Culture Transformation processes the company is undertaking on a territorial level, set to be completed by late 2021, with the goal of increasing productivity and efficiency, with the end result of achieving client satisfaction.

The Be-Rental and Be-Market platforms are already in the final stage of production and are just about to be released. The former is focused toward rentals in general, while the latter is for used equipment sales.

Be-Rental and Be-Market are already working in Chile since 2021 and by the end of this year, both we’ll be working for Peru and the rest of the affiliates in other countries.

“Both platforms are created with the goal of supporting business transactions, centralizing project information with us and increasing our client portfolio by letting clients become the center of every process and service,” explained Egg Noche.

Value for partners and suppliers

Relationships between SK Rental Peru and its partners and suppliers are held by basic concepts of safety, quality, lessening environmental impact and compliance with Sigdo Koppers’ corporate principles and values.

The company is a reliable high-volume buyer for each brand’s dealer with solid financial backing.

“We look forward to building solid relationships with our purveyors and clients, directing efforts toward the long term,” the general manager added.

Company culture

SK Rental Peru aims at keeping its place as an attractive company to work for by creating and maintaining a company culture in which values such as respect, teamwork and communication, among others, stand out as main concepts in its interactions, taking this prevailing internal atmosphere to its clients’ and purveyors’ perception, thus highlighting the company staff’s human value.

“We’ve stood united through this new normal, proving we can achieve important goals by prioritizing the lives and safety of our staff and their families,” Egg Noche declared.

Corporate Social Responsibility

SK Rental Peru fulfills a commitment to the environment beyond the constant updating of its machinery fleet with new, less-polluting equipment, but also through concrete efforts, such as the “Un Contrato, Un Árbol” campaign (“One contract, one tree”), in which proceeds are donated to environmental entities.

“Our campaigns are focused on diminishing any environmental impact and prove we are a corporation committed to our society and to our planet,” the executive said.

Projections supported by experience

Goals such as the digital transformation the company is undergoing and the upcoming apps enabling faster transactions for clients are becoming a reality, making SK Rental Perú take big steps toward consolidation beyond its reputation in machinery rentals, but turning into a strategic partner for its clients in equipment sales, using every available resource to display the totality of its potential after 15 years of experience and more than 10,000 honored contracts for public works and private projects for domestic and international clients.

“Our vision is focused on continuous improvement, incorporating innovation through new technologies to optimize our work and services, setting the client in the center of every operation. We are a human team committed to Peru’s development,” concluded Edmund Egg Noche, General Manager for SK Rental Peru.



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