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Ambition for excellence in accommodations

Properties managed by TAFER Hotel & Resorts take care of every detail, particularly aesthetics and excellent service, offering ideal options in the most attractive destinations in Mexico


The TAFER Hotels & Resorts chain, shareholder of The Villa Group, operates seven mixed-use properties in Mexico for hospitality, residential use and vacation club, with presence in Cancun, Los Cabos and Puerto Vallarta.

Almost four decades of operations serving the tourism sector are the result of a group of professionals with experience in the hospitality industry who developed the best management process and strategies for these properties.

The properties operated by TAFER earned accolades such as the “Four Diamonds” and “Five Diamonds”, granted by the AAA (American Automobile Association); distinctions from the Preferred Hotels & Resorts online catalog (including in the L.V.X. category), the Conde Nast Johansen awards (2015 and 2016), the “Traveler's Choice 2020 and 2021” award, from Tripadvisor; Crown of Gold and Excellence, by the timeshare company RCI and among the best tourism centers in the U.S. News in 2021, among others.

“Our purpose is to create iconic hotels and vacation experiences that remain in our guests’ memories of a lifetime," said Sasa Milojevic, Chief Operating Officer of TAFER Hotels & Resorts.

Experience in success stories

Milojevic earned a Master’s degree in Business Administration with specialization in Hospitality from the Braca Karic University, in Belgrade, Serbia.

He’s had successful experiences over 25 years in hotel chains such as Allegro, Buenaventura and Karisma (where he reached the position of executive officer) mainly in Mexico, the Caribbean and other countries in Latin America, Europe, in addition to Southeast Asia.

Milojevic's management of each company has been distinguished by conducting operations achieving excellence while supervising multiple locations, increasing revenue and guest satisfaction. He has also developed strategies that have led multiple properties under his management to achieve recognition from specialized and globally famous entities.

Among the most important awards he has received individually, the Entrepreneur of the Year 2018 award, by the Latin American Quality Institute, stands out.

Sasa Milojevic, Chief Operating Officer of TAFER Hotels & Resorts
“At TAFER Hotels & Resorts, the concept of QUALITY is more than just a strategy; it is part of our philosophy and our vision”, explained the executive.

Properties in operation sharing a clear focus

The brands and properties that TAFER Hotel & Resorts currently manages in Mexico are:

• Garza Blanca: in Cancun, Los Cabos and Puerto Vallarta

• Hotel Mousai, in Puerto Vallarta

• Villa del Palmar, in Cancun

• Sierra Lago, in Mascota, Jalisco, two hours from Puerto Vallarta

Sian Ka’an Village, in Quintana Roo

This list is intended to grow with upcoming tourism developments and goals such as optimizing customer service aligned with marketing strategies to implement new technology in each business segment, both for the guest and for administrative and operational matters.

Resources and strategies

From a guest’s perspective, each of the properties operated by TAFER Hotels & Resorts display a complete concept of the brand across unique, captivating environments, capable of conveying - in common areas, restaurants and in the privacy of each room - the intention of all attributes, making any stay a pleasant one.

Beyond the appeal of finding out and experiencing what each of these properties have to offer, taking an operation like TAFER Hotels & Resorts to high standards in hospitality and keeping it at this point involves strategies such as a tactical and full distribution, trend marketing, a highly efficient operational management of luxury properties, innovative management of the Vacation and Residential Club, and the iconic design of new concepts. It also includes offering comprehensive travel agency services in each destination.

An outstanding aspect in management is the physical maintenance of each property through CAPEX (investment in capital goods), preventive maintenance and the flagship programs "Perfect Room" and "Perfect Plate", among others, which guarantee the quality and condition of the properties to always offer the best image and comfort, along a customized service that creates added value for the guests’ and partners’ experience.

Surpassing the pandemic

Regardless of the consequences of the global emergency caused by COVID19, TAFER Hotels & Resorts has always prioritized hygiene as a brand, adapting the best practices in the sector.

During 2020, the company was able to contain income loss, maintaining a positive EBITDA of 33% thanks to timely decisions and diversification through the product mix.

Over 100 new protocols have been implemented to ensure and guarantee the well-being of guests and collaborators. Regarding properties, state-of-the-art technology was used to install new air purification systems, UV disinfectants, and digital solutions to avoid, as much as possible, contact with paper, also innovating with new rules for disinfection of bags, suitcases, room service and minibar, among others.

In terms of personnel, it has been possible to keep most of the employees on the payroll, aiming to keep providing the exceptional service earning recognition for TAFER Hotels & Resorts.

“Guests come to relax and escape the stresses of everyday life, reason why we have to provide them with peace of mind in terms of cleanliness and hygiene standards,” said Milojevic.

Skilled staff in each property

Among the most important investments for TAFER Hotel & Resorts, staff training is noteworthy as is the approval and standardization of services and processes guaranteeing excellence in each property.

The Company’s employees have access to development plans, continuous training, online university programs, English lessons (also for their families), access to the “Young People Building the Future” program (along with the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare), counseling, access to yoga and meditation programs, shared experiences with managers for feedback, family events and competitive salaries, among other incentives that have reduced staff turnover.

Purposes and actions aligned with sustainability

At TAFER Hotels & Resorts, each operational and administrative department is aligned with the chain's policies for reduction of environmental impact, respect for human rights and risk management, maintaining safe operations and conditions for staff and guests.

These efforts are combined with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

An encouraging future and forecasted growth

The forecasts for TAFER Hotels & Resorts are encouraging: a reactivation in tourism is expected for the second half of 2021, with additional improvement in 2022.

During these periods, the completion of the Garza Blanca Cancun hotel, with 453 suites is expected, as well as doubling the space at Hotel Mousai Puerto Vallarta with the opening of the South Tower to reach 145 suites; the opening of Villa La Valencia (Los Cabos) with 308 suites is planned, and the construction of a luxury real estate project in the southern part of Puerto Vallarta will begin: Lemuria Residencies, designed to be an immersive wellness project, scheduled for 2023.

On a large scale, forecasted growth is to more than double the current stock of rooms in five years, from 3,132 keys to almost 8,000 in important tourism destinations such as Los Cabos, Cancun and the Riviera Maya, Puerto Vallarta and the Riviera Nayarit.

“The pandemic has helped us reorganize our company and complete the standardization of operational and administrative procedures, it has made us stronger and more efficient to face the challenges of the present and the future, as well as any crisis situation," concluded Sasa Milojevic, Chief Operating Officer of TAFER Hotels & Resorts.


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